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(This page last modified 3/15/2021)

• The **OFFICIAL** Paradise & Pacific website is at
• This is **NOT** the official P&P website.
• This is a “Notes” site — maintained by Associate Member James Ingram .
• It contains (mostly) information that’s NOT on the main web site.
Contents This Page:
A. Club-Related Links
B. Photo Albums
C. Videos-Instructional
D. Videos-Old Bunkhouse Layout
E. More Reference Links

  1. The Paradise & Pacific OFFICIAL website is at
  2. The OLD P&P web page is at
  3. The official Paradise & Pacific FACEBOOK page is at .
  4. McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park, Model Railroad Building hours:
  5. McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park’s Facebook page:

(more links below in Section E)

Overall view of Paradise and Pacific O-gauge Model Railroad
Overall view of Paradise and Pacific O-gauge Model Railroad, March 2019.
Photo Album 1 (link below in following Section B) has about 30 of these images.


B. Photo Albums

Note: Some of these albums are NOT linked from the main website,
This TOP-level Google Drive folder contains ALL the albums listed on this page.

Overall view of Paradise and Pacific Model Railroad

Album 1– Layout Photos, Recent (Year 2019)

(approx. 35 images)

Paradise & Pacific O-gauge model railroad under construction, February 2011

Album 2Layout Photos, from beginning in 2010, up to recent (Year 2019)

(approx. 180 images)

Album 3– The very first ‘Paradise & Pacific’ RR — Guy Stillman’s 1950’s era, original 15″ gauge ‘Paradise & Pacific’ RR

(approx. 30 images)

Album 4– A few 2019 Photos of the Members

(approx. 16 images)

5. Photos of Members Layouts:

  • 2/24/2019 home layout tour:

C. Videos-Instructional

Two How-To videos by Ron Smith

Demo of LED Voltage Regulator Board Build (Rev B)  by Ron Smith

Google Drive Album 11 contains IMAGES used in the above video

Demo of Picaxe 08 Board Build  by Ron Smith

Google Drive Album 12 contains IMAGES used in the above video



D. Videos-Bunkhouse Layout

The “Bunkhouse layout” refers to the original layout in the old Bunkhouse building — where the Paradise & Pacific Railroad was ORIGINALLY located, before moving to the new Model Railroad Building in 2010.


  1. P&P Ogauge NJ Transit by David Hoverstock (2010)
  2. KCS Business P&P 1_24_2010 by David Hoverstock (2010)
    ~~~~~ CLOSEUP VIDEOS ~~~~
  3. Tube Loader by Paul Boston (2009)
  4. Boat and Fish PICAXE by Paul Boston (2008)
  5. Rockin the Boat at the P&P by Paul Boston (2008)
  6. Water Tower Bigger by Paul Boston (2009)
  7. Watch Tower PICAXE by Paul Boston (2008)
  8. Prairie Dogs by Paul Boston (2008)

E. More Reference Links

E1. P&P Videos:

  • Youtube playlist,  ‘Paradise & Pacific O Gauge Railroad‘ contains the below videos, and several more.
  • Video #1 Narrated Layout Overview, with narration courtesy of Past-President Dallas Dixon (2/2020):  YoutubeVimeo (Ver 6)     (click here for links to previous versions)
  • Video #2 Caboose Cam, a trip around the layout with an “on-board” view using member Rolland LaHaie’s Lionel caboose with camera (4/2019):  Youtube | Vimeo
  • Turbines on the Paradise & Pacific RR, by member Bob Mayer (9:11 min, Sept. 1  2019) Includes lots of sharp on-board footage.

~~~~~~  EARLIER VIDEOS: ~~~~~

E2. How-To Videos:   (Ron Smith)

E3. Website Archive Demo:

  • Demo of archiving old P&P website:
  • Newsletter Archive Demo using Google Drive:  (Steve Gendler has the link)